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Precision Finishing Inc. has been vibratory deburring small parts for us. We are very satisfied with their quality and professionalism. Occasionally, they have been accommodating in assisting us to meet short deadline. Highly recommended.

– Khoa Ta, Daria Metal Fabricators

Checker Industries have been working with us for well over 20 years. If at any time we had any problems or issues, Checker made sure that we were taken care of right away. This is why we buy our equipment from them. They will come in to help troubleshoot, repair and keep our operation running smoothly. I can't say enough good things about Judy Sheasley and the whole Checker Industries organization.

– Mike Hoban, Betts Industries

Responsive, Professional and Versatile are the words that come to my mind when describing Precision Finishing. They are a true one-stop shop for our finishing needs. As an example, Precision took on a challenge to "Superfinish" high performance trigger mechanisms for the U.S. Military. This is Geissele Automatic's core business. The mirror bright finish that is put on the triggers enhances fatigue life and removes small imperfections from the milled surface. The work of Precision Finishing is a wonderful enhancement to Geissele's products.

– Bill Geissele, Geissele Automatics

Checker Industries is very customer focused with a high level of attention to detail. They worked with us on the most complicated project that we had in years. We took a team approach with Checker and we implemented a new process and installed a new machine. This was a very complicated project.

Checker was really good at pulling everyone together. Kathy Hanchar did an amazing job with communication and facilitation the entire project which resulted in a great success. Checker's response time is excellent, they are very much like an extension of the our own project management team. The machine has been running great, and the project had no cost overruns.

– Larry Dominsky

We had a product that had to be customized to meet specific requirements. The parts were being cleaned using chemicals in an aqueous parts washer. We had a chemical engineer from Checker Industries come in to provide help and expertise to meet the specifications. He gave us a list of chemicals and parts, both ferrous and non-ferrous to work with. Then he formulated a solution in a short period of time.

We do not have the resources in house to develop solutions at this level. Checker took the time and effort to go through the entire process and test it out. Kathy Hanchar, Checker Industries sales representative, is outstanding. If I need something I give her a call. She keeps all the records and takes care of everything. This saves me time, money and takes the workload off of me. Checker Industries is very service oriented and they are reliable.

– Bill Hanna, from a Precision Machining Company

When I moved into this position in the company I didn't know the sandblast process, abrasives or equipment. The Precision Finishing salesman, Bob Stansbury was always there to help, stopping-in frequently to us give hands-on expertise. He showed us the advantages of using Garnet vs. Black Beauty, and addressed any safety concerns we had. Precision Finishing is very service oriented and they are always there when I need them. The customer support staff in the office is very solid. We once had an issue with dust; Precision Finishing helped design a dust collector and coordinated with the manufacturer and the installers to put the equipment in place. This was a large improvement in the shop.

– Keith from Baltimore

We are very pleased with the prompt service and on-time deliveries from Precision Finishing Inc. I highly recommend utilizing their services.

– Lisa G. in York, PA

We have a had a long working relationship with Precision Finishing Inc.. Almost 90% of our manufactured products require blasting and we chose Precision Finishing to be the supplier of our large blast room and the media for the process. This is a critical component to our manufacturing process and Precision's experience and attention to detail made the installation and start up to go very smoothly. Precision continues their support after the sale by ensuring we never run out of media.

What I like about Precision is that they are very responsive, when you call, you always get a response. They are extremely proactive in letting us know of any issues and resolving them immediately. Across the board from sales, purchasing and servicing, Precision Finishing is very professional.

– A Manufacturing Engineer in Timonium, Maryland

We have been working with Precision Finishing for over 15 years. We purchase blasting supplies from them and use their in-house blasting services. Precision is always very responsive to our needs and provides a high quality range of products. The Precision Finishing employees are highly knowledgeable and very reliable.

– Larry Sloan

We have worked with Checker Industries since 1995. Over the years our company has purchased several pieces of equipment including a second blast room that is on-deck to be installed this year. We have never had an issue that we couldn't resolve with Checker. They have provided us with sampling services to achieve better specifications and have also given us options for cost savings.

In one instance we had a customer complaint regarding rust on a part. By the time it got back to our inspection process, Checker had already solved this problem. Checker helped us to test the wash process and leave the part able to be painted but not allow it to rust. Checker Industries is a trusted resource that is always ready to help.

– Satisfied Customer

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