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You can do it!
Do you want to do all finishing work in your facility?  We sell superior vibratory and blasting machines, media, and the Chemtrol® solution for preparing surfaces on virtually any type part.
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We'll do it for you!
Do you want someone to do all of the finishing work for you?  Our state of the art surface preparation facilities are equipped with vibratory and blasting equipment, infinite finishes, and shipping services that make everything easy for you!
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For over fifty years, Precision Finishing has been operating a contract shop and currently offers an ISO:9001:2008 certified job shop for vibratory deburring, washing, and blast cleaning. Whether you need extra short term capacity to subsidize your current equipment; have a problem with waste water disposal issues, or just want a professional source to handle your deburring, cleaning, or blasting requirements; we have the state of the art equipment and the expertise to create an infinite amount of finishes. We have two conveniently located job shops, one in the Philadelphia area and one in Pittsburgh.

Precision Finishing also offers pick-up and delivery of your parts to and from the facility to make it even easier to finish your parts. Our mass finishing shop offers over 150 cubic feet of machine capacity and operates on two shifts. This lends itself to large volume jobs, along with the ability to turn over small volume jobs overnight.

Our shop incorporates vibratory bowls, automatics flow through bowls, tumbling barrels, and centrifugal barrel and disc equipment. In addition we operate a 5,000 gallon per day, ultra filtration, waste water treatment system, which enables us to process a wide range of metals, while meeting EPA discharge requirements.

We use our own compounds and cleaners called Chemtrol that we develop and manufacture in our own facility. In our blast finishing shop, we offer air tumble blast machines, airless tumble blast equipment, multiple venture and direct pressure hand cabinets, and an automatic indexing turntable. We blast a wide range of parts for the automotive, medical, industrial, and aerospace industries. Whether your part requires glass beading for a cosmetic surface, aluminum oxide for anchor patterns, or plastic media for paint stripping, we have the manual and automated equipment to handle your job.

For companies that currently manage the finishing process internally at their facility, many find that the efficiencies leveraged by Precision Finishing’s expertise, end up saving more dollars than doing it on their own. As an added bonus, many of our customers eliminate headaches from managing an internal team of finishers, or from the problems that arrive during this last step of the manufacturing process.

We welcome you to take a personalized tour of our contract shop. See how our facility handles the actual finishing process, and speak with an expert on how you can leverage our knowledge and equipment to meet your finishing needs.

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