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Innovative "Try Before You Buy" Service Eliminates Financial Risk and Buyer's Remorse

Sellersville, PA -- August 1, 2009 -- Precision Finishing Inc.'s new Try Before You Buy service takes a proactive step towards eliminating a manufacturer's financial risk and buyer's remorse when choosing a finish for their parts. This is the perfect solution for businesses that cannot prepare the surfaces of their own parts in their own facility (or for businesses looking for a local, cost-effective outsourcing partner). Guesswork is completely eliminated.

Jeffery Bell, president of the Sellersville, PA based firm says, "Let's face it, when a company is considering alternatives, exact finishes are hard to describe in words. The best way to ensure the perfect finish is to provide the client with an actual sample. Our chemist, lab technician and finishers work directly with the client to produce the desired results."

The free Try Before You Buy service is a unique offering that is rarely seen in manufacturing. The costs associated with process development before securing a financial commitment from an interested partner often prevents this type of program from being practiced. In the manufacturing arena, providing customized trial parts and products is difficult to deliver because many companies do not have dedicated labs that can provide tests of multiple finishes specific to customers' needs.

Precision Finishing, Inc.'s facilities house laboratories that process samples sent by clients to demonstrate a variety of recommended finishes. Clients know exactly what their finished part looks like before making any commitment. Since the Try Before You Buy service is free, financial risk is eliminated and buyer's remorse no longer hinders obtaining the perfect finish.

About Precision Finishing, Inc.
Precision Finishing's ISO 9000:2008 Certified Facility offers a combined 270 years of experience utilizing surface preparation and finishing technology. From the beginning, every member of our organization has tested and refined each step of the finishing process. The firm both sells finishing equipment to customers and finishes parts in its own facilities. Precision's CHEMTROL® product is a line of innovative vibratory and washing compounds developed and manufactured in-house.

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