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Corporate Environmental Responsibility: Area Finishing Company Takes a Proactive Stance

Sellersville, PA – May 21, 2009 – Precision Finishing Inc. utilizes innovative waste treatment systems and recycling services that demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to environmental responsibility. The local finishing company manufactures and distributes waste treatment systems that treat vibratory parts washing waste water that meet the most stringent EPA regulations. The innovative technology powering these systems filters waste water so effectively that it can be flowed safely into public sewer systems. The final output is high quality water suitable for reuse in most processes.

Jeffery Bell, president of the Sellersville, PA based firm notes that choosing to commit to corporate environmental responsibility is often a sound financial decision as well. "We offer several waste treatment alternatives for the vibratory and parts finishing industry," Bell explains. "But many of our partners are surprised to discover that these processes often reduce their operating costs in comparison to using expensive treatment chemicals."

Precision Finishing is also proud to offer its customers the opportunity to recycle their spent blasting abrasives – both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Providing this recycling service removes manufacturers from dealing with hazardous waste and the worry of where the waste is going.
Utilizing green manufacturing processes, Precision Finishing showcases how financial and environmental sustainability programs often run hand in hand. They are committed to providing services that are both good for the environment and good for a company's bottom line.

About Precision Finishing, Inc.
Precision Finishing's ISO 9000:2008 Certified Facility offers a combined 270 years of experience utilizing surface preparation and finishing technology. From the beginning, every member of our organization has tested and refined each step of the finishing process. The firm both sells finishing equipment to customers and finishes parts in its own facilities. Precision's Chemtrol product is a line of innovative vibratory and washing compounds developed and manufactured in-house.

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