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Tumbling Medias

Pictured: tumbling medias

Tired of lodging problems? Not achieving your finish or cut down rate? Identifying the proper media is one of the variables which can prevent you from achieving your desired result. Media recommendation is one of our specialties. With well over 75 years of tumbling experience on-site we have assisted many companies with their media problems. Our in-house lab has an extensive inventory of media for sample processing of customers parts along with performing wear and quality tests. Precision Finishing Inc. maintains an extensive inventory of all types, bonds and shapes of media available for shipment from stock. Our quantity purchases result in competitive prices for you. The suppliers we represent are the most prestigious and creative companies in this field. Bring us your problems!

See below to learn more about each type of tumbling media.

Special Shapes

There are several reasons that tumbling media is manufactured in special shapes and sizes. The shape is manufactured to be able to reach all areas of the part and provide more media-to-part contact. The more contact, the faster the result. An example would be a steel stamping and using triangular media to contact all areas of the part.

The general rules of thumb are: flat media is used for flat parts; round media, round parts. After this, it comes down to parts-media separation and media lodging issues. The idea is to pick a shape of media that will reach to the areas on the parts that are of concern, and then pick a size which will be separated easily from the parts and also not lodge into any holes or slots.

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Random Shape

The random shape media offers you a very fine, solid crystalline structure, which adds in cutting, wear and impact resistance. Its weight increases cutting action along with providing burnishing capabilities similar to steel media. Its shape lends itself to fine finishes.

For more information, let one of our Finishing Experts help you select the correct media for the job.

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Ceramic media is recommended for general purpose polishing, light and heavy deburring, fast and extra fast deburring and ultra aggressive metal removal. Ceramic media is best for heavy cutting and hard metals. When a small media is required (under 3/4"), ceramics offer the best selection. Ceramic media supports very heavy parts better than plastic media.

The polishing and deburring media you choose has a direct bearing on the quality of work, time cycles, operating procedures and ultimately, your bottom line. We offer you the most comprehensive selection of ceramic media. Our Ceramic Duramedia line enables you to match media composition, density, shape and size to your mass finishing requirements.

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Recommended for general metal removal, pre-painted or pre-plated finishing, polishing, fast and heavy cutting. Plastic media is used for soft metals (brass and aluminum) or stringy materials to avoid rolling the burr over into a hole. It will produce a very smooth finish but very little shine.

For general metal removal, prepaint or preplate surface finishing and polishing, fast and heavy cutting.

Our plastic medias come in a wide variety of compositions and shapes. You will find whatever media you need to do the job in our plastic media line. Use it for general metal removal, prepaint or preplate finishing polishing or fast and heavy cutting.

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Steel Media has long been recognized for its burnishing capabilities when used with the proper compound. Its lack of wear makes it attractive because it reduces lodging along with reducing wastewater treatment.

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Rösler's Lining Division is one of the largest suppliers of wear-resistant polyurethnad lining in the industry. For 30 years, they have been relining and refurbising vibratory finishing equipment using highly wear resistant cold-pour, hot-pour and spray-in mercury free polyurethane in hardnesses of 80, 90 and 95 durometers to ensure that your finishing machines can take what you dish our. Factory-trained, US based repair technicians will ensure that your machines are in like-ne condition and ready to work hard for you, regardless of manufacturer or model.

Rosler Equipment

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