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Finishing Products: Vibratory Equipment and Supplies

Auxilary Equipment

Spin Dryers
These machines use centrifugal force technology which provides fast, clean and spot free drying. Especially effective for small parts and parts with blind holes. While the centrifugal action spins water off parts, it also incorporates a powerful suction that pulls heated air through the parts load.

Cob Dryers
These machines utilize corn cob as the drying mechanism within a vibratory bowl. The cob is heated in order to continually evaporate water and extend the cob's life. These machines work well with automatic unloading vibratory machines and don't require much floor space. Capacities range from 4 to 70 cubic foot.

Belt Dryers
A continuous belt dryer is the most efficient way of drying high volume production which requires clean, spot free parts. Parts can be continuously fed into and out of the dryer. Available in widths of 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 48 inches which should handle any type of production part.

Sound Covers
Our sound cover design is a direct product of use in our vibratory contract shop. They were designed to fit within a limited floor plan along with ease of use without spending thousands of dollars. The result is a simple, durable and cost effective way of meeting the OSHA controls for noise abatement.

Pictured: Sound Covers

  • Reduces process noise 6-12 Dba
  • Meets OSHA noise abatement engineering controls CFT 1910.95
  • Chemical resistant construction
  • Suspended and machine mounted covers
  • Optional floor mounted support stand for raising and lowering sound cover

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