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Blast Media

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Let Precision Finishing Inc. help you evaluate your application! We not only sell the material, we use it. For over 40 years we have operated a blast finishing contract shop which is a perfect platform to test and experiment with different finishing materials. Whether you are looking for a glass bead cosmetic finish, an anchor pattern, paint removal on a delicate substrate or shot peening we have the experience to assist in your media selection process.

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Glass Bead

Pictured: Glass bead

Glass beads are spheres of uniform size and hardness formulated of chemically inert soda-lime glass. The impact of the beads removes foreign substances from the base surface without contamination and dimensional change. Applications range from cleaning, cosmetic, deburring and light peening. It is one of the most versatile blast finishing materials available. Click to learn more (PDF).

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Aluminum Oxide

Pictured: aluminum oxide

Aluminum Oxide has a blocky shape with multiple, sharp cutting edges that penetrate work pieces, dig-out microchips and leave exceptionally clean etched surfaces. It is effective on metals, glass, ceramic, marble, granite and other stone. It has a MOHS hardness of 9 which makes it a very tough and durable material. During blasting it fractures and thereby does not create a dusty atmosphere. It is an excellent material for cleaning and providing a uniform surface or anchor pattern. Click to learn more (PDF).

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Zirconia Aluminum Oxide

Pictured: Zirconia Aluminum Oxide

This aluminum oxide, developed by Norton/St. Gorbain, has 23% Zirconium Oxide in it. The result is a more durable and fracture resistant abrasive for use in high pressure applications. It too has a blocky shape, however it fractures by smaller sizes compared to regular aluminum oxide. It's durability is proven in it's exceptionally low breakdown rate and reduced nozzle wear. It works very well for pressure applications such as stone engraving, general metal cleaning and the investment casting industry.

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Silicon Carbide

Pictured: Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide is a very hard and sharp material which is generally used for difficult cleaning applications and where contamination of aluminum oxide is a concern. Click to learn more (PDF).


Steel Grit and Steel Shot

Pictured: Steel grit

Steel Grit/Steel Shot is commonly used in airless applications since it is softer than aluminum oxide and doesn't fracture as easily. It is also used in direct pressure applications where a heavy profile is needed. Steel shot is used for shot peening of ferrous materials. Click to learn more (PDF).

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Ceramic Beads

Pictured: ceramic beads

Ceramic beads are product of a fusion process of oxides at a very high temperature. Ceramic beads do not contaminate treated parts by embedment of particles. Their exceptional properties of toughness, impact resistance, hardness and elastic allow them to maintain their initial shape without shattering even after a long period of time. They can be used for general cleaning, deburring and peening. Click to learn more (PDF).

Plastic Abrasive

Pictured: plastic abrasive

U.S. Technology Corp. pioneered dry plastic media blasting by removing paint from aircraft bodies. The MOHS hardness of the materials range between 3.0-4.0 which gives the ability to remove coatings without affecting the substrate. Over the years they have expanded the process to coating-removal requirements in the electronics, ships, vehicles, bridges and buildings. There isn't a material available that quite accomplishes what plastic media does. Click to learn more (PDF).

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Agricultural Abrasive


Commonly known as corn cob grit, it has characteristics similar to plastic media; however, it's a lot softer. The MOHS hardness of cob is 1.0. It can be effective in cleaning fragile material but isn't as effective at removing paint and coatings as plastic media. It can also be used for light deburring and it's cost is low compared to plastic media.

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Garnet Abrasive

Pictured: plastic abrasive

GMA Garnet consists of totally natural almandite garnet know for its natural hardness, durability and abrasive characteristics. Garnet is free os any heavy metals or toxic components and meets all OSHA requirements.

GMA Garnet provides a perfect symbiosis of grain size, density and hardness/durability. This ensures optimum abrasive efficiency in terms of lowest abrasive consumption and highest production rates at save environmental and health conditions. Garnet is a cost effective alternative to silica sand, mineral slags and steel grits and shot because of its low consumption and high productivity. Garnet can be recycled 5-10 times, depending on the application because of its superior toughness and low friability. Click to learn more (PDF).

Pictured: agricultural abrasive
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