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Auxiliary Blasting Equipment

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Air Compressors


Salyor-Beall Manufacturing Company has been making reciprocating air compressors since 1915. This time tested industrial compressor has been a work horse especially below 10 horse power. Above 10 horse powerPictured: air compressors. you should consider going to a more efficient rotary screw compressor. Rotary screw compressors excel in high duty cycle operation. They require less floor space and make less noise. Whether your application calls for a conventional reciprocating compressor or a rotary screw, Saylor-Beall has what you need and stands by it's products. Both Precision Finishing Inc. and Saylor-Beall are time tested which suggests a good investment.

Air Drying Equipment

Pictured: air drying equipment.

Our years of blasting experience reveal a direct correlation between wet air and the productivity of blast equipment and increased wear. You are blasting with abrasive which have sharp edges. Add a slight amount of water and you are asking for trouble. For over 50 years Van Air Systems Inc. has been manufacturing compressed air drying equipment and is considered the leader in it's industry. Whether a deliquescent dryer satisfies your need or a refrigerated dryer is warranted we can satisfy your water problem. Due to the nature of the beast, blast equipment will wear out. Water in your air line will dramatically increase this wear along with affecting productivity.

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