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Finishing Products: Aqueous Washing Equipment

Precision Finishing Inc. offers a complete line of parts washing equipment. We can help you determine the type of equipment to solve your washing and production needs, whether it be a batch, belt, continuous drum, or an ultrasonic cleaning requirement.

Are you looking for cellular cleaning? We supply equipment designed specifically for your production needs. View the equipment below to learn more.

Cell Washers

We offer a variety of cell washers to suit your needs, including high production environments.

Aquacell Washer:
Pictured: Lean-Jet Watch this video
Mini Parts Washer:
Pictured: Mini Parts Washer Watch this video

Standard Conveyor Washer

The conveyor washer is a ruggedly constructed parts washer that provides a lifetime of reliable service in the harshest industrial environment. They use heavy gauge construction, off the shelf components and the latest in spray system and dry off technology, to produce consistently high quality results.

AquaForce Washer:
Pictured: SureClean Watch this video
OmniForce Washer:
Pictured: SureClean Watch this video
VersaForce Washer:
Pictured: SureClean Watch this video

Standard Drum Washer

Pictured: Drum Washer

The drum washer is a very productive method of continuously cleaning high volumes of parts. Where part on part contact is not an issue, the drum washer is the method of choice.

Cabinet Washers

Our high performance cabinet washers are perfect for a wide variety of solutions.

Cabinet Spray Washer:
Pictured: Ransomatic Watch this video


If you need ultrasonic clenaning power, look no further. We can provide you with a variety of ultrasonics products that will get the job done.

ABS Brake Housings Washer:
Pictured: LiquidLock Watch this video

Custom Washers

Pictured: custom solution

Stoelting has years of experience and offers a wide range of custom washers.

  • Roll-Back Housing Design
  • Electro-Mechanical Indexing drive
  • Heavy duty Ferris wheels
  • Integral full flow filtration
  • "Soft Touch" transfer designs
  • Easily accessible box manifolds
Aerospace Cleaning System:
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Al. Printer Drum Washer:
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Robotic Dunnage Washer:
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Brake Rotor Washer:
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Hub Washer:
Watch this video
Medical Devices Washer:
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Pallet Monorail Washer:
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Workcell Washer:
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Immersion Tank Washers

Tank washers are used where stubborn, hard-to-clean soils need to be removed.

Rotating Basket Tank Washer:
Pictured: LiquidLock Watch this video

Liquid Lock Technology

LIQUID LOCK environmentally conscious cleaning technology can reduce power and chemistry consumption by up to 75%. The curtain containment system "locks" atomized spray in the wash chamber, eliminating the number one cause of chemical solution loss (atomized spray mist exhaust). In addition to locking in the vapor, LIQUID LOCK also locks-in the heat.

Liquid Lock:
Pictured: LiquidLock Watch this video

Wash Tank Filtration

Pictured: Multitank

Through multi-pass separation and filtration, oil and particulate contamination can be removed from the water based fluids, thus extending the life of the fluid. The water based fluid is cleaned continuously, minimizing disposal and replacement costs through ultra fine filtration.

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