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Airless Blasting

Pictured: Blast Rooms

Airless shot blast equipment utilizes cast steel shot or grit, as well as other types of abrasive media, and is used for metal cleaning, removal of paint, rust, mill scale, sand, ceramic and shell removal from diecastings, steel and iron castings, or investment castings, metal surface preparation prior to paint or coating, automotive parts remanufacturing and shot peening for metal fatique life and stress relief.

Goff, Inc manufactures a complete line of abrasive shot blast cleaning equipment, including barrel blast, tumble blast, table blast, spinner hanger, wire mesh pass thru, roll coveyor, monorail passa thru, skew roll conveyor shot blaster for pipe cleaning and structural blast for plate steel and steel fabricators.

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When it comes to dealing with surface finishing and preparation problems, Rösler offers the total process solution. Our comprehensive product range offers modern shot blasting technologies which completely fulfill today's market requirements. In addition, Rösler is constantly working with customers to develop individual solutions to specific surface treatment problems.

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