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Clemco Air Blasting Equipment

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Zero Advantage

Why are Zero Blast Cabinets considered the most efficient and cost effective cabinets in the industry?

SIMPLE! They perfected the two most important components of the air blast system.

Reclaim Separator

Pictured: Reclaim Separator

A Dry Blast Cleaning System is only as good as it's reclaim system. Zero's Abrasive Reclaim is a highly balanced air centrifuge which receives all the media and debris and separates the good media for return to the blast gun. Zero's reclaims are a minimum of 90% efficient. That means 90% of the media returned to the blast gun is of the original size. This results in reduced blasting times and much more uniform blasting. An absolute must for anchor pattern and cosmetic requirements.

Zero Gun

Pictured: Zero Gun

The ZERO blast gun represents 50 years of experience in developing suction blast systems. It produces a very uniform and strong blast stream. You will not find the pulsating surges with this gun that are commonly associated with other guns.

Also, the efficiency of this gun has enabled customers to achieve acceptable blast times without having to go to direct pressure systems. The ZERO gun system can be retrofitted to any cabinet. You have to see it to believe it!

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Suction Blast Cabinets

Pictured: Suction Blast Cabinets

The ZERO blast cabinet is considered the most efficient and cost effective cabinet in the industry. Their blast gun delivers a strong and uniform blast without the pulsating commonly associated with other guns. Combine this with a reclaim that constantly maintains a 90% good abrasive pack and you have the best. Zero also can offer a skid mount design. Various models and sizes available -- contact us for information on other sizes.

Pressure Blast Cabinets

Pictured: Direct Pressure Cabinets

Direct pressure systems deliver higher abrasive velocity for greater impact intensity compared to suction systems. Pressure systems clean at rates 3 - 4 times faster than suction blast systems. They are ideal for tough cleaning applications, stress relief and obtaining profiles for coatings. Various models and sizes available -- contact us for information on other sizes.

Tumble Blast Cabinets

Pictured: Direct Pressure Cabinets

Zero tumble blast cabinets deliver efficient, affordable batch processing to clean, peen, deburr or finish parts. You can simply load the pars and set the time, then come back later to unload perfectly cleaned or finished parts. By varying the time, blast pressue, media type, media flow, tumble speed and blast duration, you can engineer a process that delivers perfect part, then repeas it for all subsequent batches. As the parts tumble, on or more nozzles uniformly blast all exposed surfaces. Available in various sizes, from 1 to 7 cubic feet.

Automated Systems

ZERO'S Special Automated Cabinets are designed to suit your application - from the size of the enclosure to parts handling and process controls that intergrate seamlessly with your existing system. Choose from indexing turntable machines, a wide variety of belt- roller- and chain-conveyor machines, monorails and robotic systems. The ZERO BNP A-200 indexing turntable is their standard production machine which you can transform into the perfect automated cabinet for your application. Contact us to help you evaluate your production requirements.

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Blast Rooms

Pictured: Blast Rooms

Clemco, ZERO and Aerolyte build more industrial blast facilities and permanent media recovery systems than anyone else. They range between mini blast rooms, pre-assembled blast rooms to full rooms to handle cargo aircraft. They also offer a full range of recovery systems to meet any blasting requirement. From sweep-in systems to pneumatic, screw, flat-track, or their NEW Conveyor Belt Recovery Floor, Clemco has what you need. Come, take advantage of the wide range of choices Clemco has to offer.

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Portable Pots

Pictured: Blast Rooms

More than fifty years of reliable field service have made Clemco blast machines the preferred equipjment for industrial blasting and painting contractors.

Clemco machines are build tough to endure real world use. With wear-parts positioned for quick replacement, virtually eliminated downtime, so they spend more time at the job site; less time in the shop.

Available from 1/2 - 20 cubic foot capacity, in portable or stationary, blast machine only or complete systems.

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