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Chemtrol®: Vibratory & Barrel Compounds

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From acidic to alkaline and the choices of powder, concentrate or liquid forms, there are over 100 formulations of Chemtrol®. Each formulation affects the surface preparation process differently. Based on your needs, our solution is available in as small as 5 gallon buckets to as large as 275 gallon totes. Our experts have been developing Chemtrol® for the past 50 years and will make sure you select the exact formulation and quantity you will need for your unique process.

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Abrasive Compounds

Pictured: Zero Advantage

Abrasive mass finishing compounds contain insoluble abrasive material for the purpose of expediting deburring and finishing operations. These products are particularly effective when used with hardened steel parts or parts where surface improvement is required.

Abrasive compounds are utilized in closed vibratory or tumble finishing systems. Chemtrol® abrasive compounds have been developed through Precision Finishing's long experience with this type of mass finishing processing. They contain selected quality abrasives, water conditioners, suspension agents, and rust inhibitors to provide highest quality results.

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Chemical Product No. Description pH Values Usage per Gal. of Water
103 Aggressive long-lasting, white aluminum oxide clean cutting abrasive for normal deburring and stock removal. Produces fine finishes on long cycles. 9.8 12-16
106 Economical, low foaming, medium abrasive for short time cycles. Excellent for part on part processing. 9.2 12-16
108 Fine, long-lasting, clean cutting, white aluminum oxide abrasive. For normal burr and micro-inch improvement. 9.8 12-16
111 Low foaming, coarse abrasive for heavy deburring operations. Good for part on part processing where heavy burrs and coarse surfaces permitted. 11.4 12-16

Burnishing Compounds

Pictured: Reclaim Separator

Burnishing compounds provide bright, clean, lustrous results from mass finishing operations. Used following deburring or abrasive operations, they will restore color and are useful in removing spent materials which may interfere with subsequent processing. When used with hardened steel media, burnishing compounds produce especially bright finishes on stainless steel and non-ferrous parts which can be used as the final finish in many instances.

Production-tested Chemtrol® burnishing compounds have been developed using quality concentrated raw materials to provide highest quality results at minimum concentrations.

Chemical Product No. Description pH Values Usage per Gal. of Water
206 High quality powdered compound which produces brighter, cleaner burnishes. Provides extreme slip in media mass. Ideal for tumbling barrels or other batch processes. Especially effective on stainless and hardened steels. 9.3 2-4
219 Liquid nonferrous deburring compound for use with nonmetallic medias. Produces clean, film free parts ½-2 with light natural color. 9.9 1.5-2 (Fl.)
221 Liquid compound for deburring and burnishing nonferrous metals with nonmetallic media. Controlled foam 1-2 minimizes part impingement, while providing burnished finishes. 9.1 1-2 (Fl.)
224 Nonchelated compound especially suited for plastic media processing. Eliminates plastic media foaming ½-2 problems. Low foam and noncomplexing formula simplifies waste treatment. 9.9 1.5-2 (Fl.)
229 High foaming liquid burnishing compound. Provides excellent cushioning to minimize part impingement, 1-2 while producing deep, lustrous color on all metals. 8.5 1-2 (Fl.)
236 Inhibited, mildly acidic liquid burnishing compound designed primarily for use with steel burnishing media ½-2 Maintains the steel burnishing media in a highly reflective, bright condition. Inhibit steel media prior to storage. 4.6 1.5-2 (Fl.)
237 Inhibited, mildly acidic liquid burnishing compound for bleaching and tarnish removal of copper alloys. Cleans 1-2 and brightens steel media low foaming. Inhibit steel media prior to storage. 4.2 1-2 (Fl.)
250 250 Non-scratch spherical bead added to mass to prevent flat parts from sticking together. Add compound prior to adding parts. Parts must be separated when adding for effective results. Inert 12-16

Cleaning, Rust Inhibiting Compounds

Pictured: Zero Gun

Mass finishing cleaning compounds are utilized to remove oils, greases and other contaminants either during mass finishing processing or prior to the use of other processes. These materials are also employed where low-thru or non-abrasive deburring operations are being performed. In addition to providing clean parts, they also serve the purpose of keeping media sharp and free from glazing.

Chemtrol® cleaning compounds have demonstrated their superiority providing excellent cleaning characteristics and in-process rust protection. They have become a standard for comparison. The 300 series products also include alkaline descalers and rust inhibitors and preventatives. All products of this category are alkaline.

Chemical Product No. Description pH Values Usage per Gal. of Water
307 Very concentrated powdered alkaline cleaner having excellent degreasing and rust inhibiting characteristics. Cleans large quantities of oil and removes stubborn soils. Inhibited for use with all metals and medias. 11.0 1-3
312 Powdered alkaline descaler for rust and heat treat scale removal. Also effective for metallic smut removal and for cleaning and sharpening media. Being alkaline in nature, it requires no neutralizing and causes no hydrogen embrittlement. 12.8 4-6
320 Liquid alkaline cleaner for mixed metal applications. Excellent non-ferrous cleaner. Keeps media and part surfaces clean to maximize cutting action. 11.0 1-2
331 Liquid water soluble rust inhibitor for in process rust protection on steel parts. The non-oily film provides up to several weeks of indoor rust protection and normally does not have to be removed prior to painting or coating. Nitrate and phosphate free. 9.2 2-10
341 Low foaming, liquid ferrous deburring concentrate for light oils. Produces clean, inhibited parts, while keeping the media sharp and aggressive. Not recommended for heavy oils and greases. Nitrite and Phosphate free. 10.0 1-2
342 Liquid ferrous deburring concentrate for medium to heavy oils. Imparts bright color with good inhibitation. Keeps media exceptionally clean. Nitrite and phosphate free. 10.0 1-2
390 Liquid alkaline cleaner for medium to heavy soils. Cleans, brightens, and provides excellent inhibitation. High detergency handles the oiliest jobs. 10.8 1-2

Descaling and Bleaching Compounds

Pictured: Suction Blast Cabinets

Descaling compounds remove scale, rust, tarnish and discoloration from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These products are also used as a bleach to restore natural metal color to parts which have been subjected to prior processing.

Chemtrol® descaling compounds are designed to take advantage of the mechanical energies imparted by the mass finishing motion allowing the use of less corrosive acids than required in strictly chemical stripping operations. Cost reductions in waste disposal can be realized. Neutralization of parts and effluent is recommended following the use of these products.

Chemical Product No. Description pH Values Usage per Gal. of Water
400 Concentrated mild liquid acid detergent. Excellent color on copper alloys and precious metals. May be used as mild scale remover for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 2.5 2-4 (Fl.)
405 Powdered inhibited acid cleaner for heavy scale removal and as bleach to restore natural metal colors after grinding operations. 1.7 2-4 (Fl.)
409 High quality liquid inhibited acid descaler. Liquid provides complete solubility and faster activity. 1.5 1-2 (Fl.)
415 Excellent for deflashing and deburring of zinc and aluminum parts where burnished finish is not required. Cleans and sharpens media which reduces time cycles while producing smut free parts. Also will remove tarnish from copper and its alloys. 3.0 1-4 (Fl.)

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