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Chemtrol®: Floor & Equipment Cleaners

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In addition to vibratory compounds, Precision Finishing Inc. manufactures a complete line of floor and equipment cleaning compounds. Chemtrol® is developed and manufactured by Precision Finishing in our ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facility. From acidic to alkaline and the choices of powder, liquid or concentrate forms, there are over 20 formulations of Chemtrol® designed for the parts washing and cleaning industry.

Floor & All Purpose Cleaners:

Product Product Description Usage
Dynamatic Powerful emulsifiers for cleaning stubborn oily soils leaving a slip free finish. Can be used on food contact surfaces followed by a rinse. 2-10%
Eco Green Concentrated all purpose cleaner for use on all washable surfaces. Quick penetrating agents clean dirt, oil, and grease, Ecologically sensitive, biodegradable and nontoxic. 1-10%
GPC Medium foaming hard surface cleaner. Can be used on food contact surfaces followed by a rinse. 2-10%
Scrubmate Mildly alkaline all purpose cleaner safe for use on sealed concrete and most painted surfaces. 1-10%

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