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Chemtrol® Finishing Compounds

The Chemtrol® Advantage

For over 50 years, Precision Finishing Inc. has committed to developing Chemtrol® Finishing Compounds by adopting a total solution approach to addressing your mass finishing needs. With the Chemtrol® Advantage we have the unique ability to create, craft and then test our compound formulations in our production contract shop. We not only develop and manufacture the compounds – we USE them! This experience and dedication to the vibratory and tumble finish process has enabled us to create over 100 formulations.

Chemtrol® Finishing Compounds are developed and manufactured by us in our ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facility. From acid to alkaline and the choices of powder, concentrate, or liquid forms, each formulation affects the surface preparation process differently. Based on your needs, our solution is available in as small as 5-gallon containers to as large as 275-gallon totes. Let our experts assist you in selecting the exact formulation for your unique process.

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